Our commitment

Corporate social responsibility is part of our busi­ness pol­icy. In Ringi­er terms, sus­tain­ability means pursu­ing our compa­ny's financial objectives while keeping the envi­ron­ment and our society in mind. Aware of our stew­ard­ship as a me­dia enter­prise, Ringi­er epit­o­mizes corporate responsibility ev­ery day. Our group code of conduct is the foundation for con­sci­entious behav­ior in all our employees. We live up to this commit­ment by en­gaging in foundations, initiatives and var­ious con­tri­butions promoting a healthy social and cultur­al envi­ron­ment.

The Ringi­er group’s state of per­pet­ual evolution as well as rapid devel­op­ments in the area of electron­ic me­dia have exposed our compa­ny to an increas­ingly com­plex world. Ringi­er has responded by introduc­ing a mon­itor­ing system en­sur­ing adher­ence with compa­ny pol­icy as well as observance of le­gal reg­u­lations through­out the entire group. Concurrently, it al­lows for early de­tection of risks and opportunities and as a result strengthens the basis of our commit­ment in the area of corporate responsibility.