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Social commitment

Social commitment

The activities of the Hans Ringi­er Foundation for example focus on support­ing young journalists as well as quality in journalism. As part of this foundation, the Ringi­er School of Journalism has been train­ing prospective journalists in every journalis­tic discip­line since 1974. The Ringi­er Me­dia Prize is awarded for out­standing reporting.

In addition, Ringi­er Switzer­land supports NGOs and ZEWO-certi­fied foundations grant­ing them discounts on advertis­ing space.


Be­sides the Hans Ringi­er Foun­dation based in Switzer­land and the Ringi­er Foundation estab­lished in Ro­mania we have been supporting the Dariu Foundation, which provides access to education for disadvantaged children in Vietnam, since 2003. 


Ringier sup­ports pro­jects in the field of journa­listic free­dom and quality, as well as youth and media com­pe­ten­cies. Selected activities for dis­ad­van­taged fami­lies and chil­dren to inte­grate into society are being sup­ported by our staff through volun­teering ini­ti­a­tives.


Our employees are our biggest asset, that is why we offer the pos­sibility of devel­op­ing their skills in many differ­ent ways. To this end Ringier cre­ates con­ditions al­lowing staff to satisfacto­rily combine work and fam­ily and provides benefits that strive to im­prove the working environment.