About Ringier Digital Ventures

The in 2015 established Ringier Digital Ventures is combining the world of venture capital with the opportunities of a well-diversified international media house. The entrepreneurs work closely together with the team of Ringier Digital Ventures and can leverage their businesses through the expertise of successful companies in the Ringier and b-to-v network.

What Ringier Digital Ventures is looking for

The focus of Ringier Digital Ventures is investing into innovative digital start-ups, which offer a clear unique selling proposition in the consumer internet space combined with business model innovations.

Investment Strategy of Ringier Digital Ventures

Ringier Digital Ventures invests globally CHF 7-12 million per year into ambitious start-ups. The sweet spot for a first investment is at the series A stage where the entrepreneurs already gained some market traction and are able to show promising KPI’s. Ringier Digital Ventures uses a mixture of cash and media for their investments depending on their respective scope.

What the entrepreneurs and co-investors say about Ringier Digital Ventures

Laurent Decrue, Founder & CEO Movu AG: «Ringier Digital Ventures is working with a clear focus on the relevant topics and backs our growth plans.»

Chris Möller, Founder & CEO Campanda GmbH: «A good mixture between know-how, loyality and professionalism.»

Peter Oertlin, Founder & CEO Recommerce AG: «Ringier Digital Ventures finds the equilibrium between entrepreneurial freedom and corporate support.»

Christophe Maire, Founder Atlantic Internet & Co-Investor Campanda: «I like how Ringer Digital Ventures works, because RDV is proactive and involved.»

Thomas Huth, Founder Venture Garage und Co-Investor Recommerce: «Since the first contact, I see Ringier Digital Ventures as a reliable, professional and pragmatic partner.» 


Ringier Digital Ventures AG

Dufourstrasse 23

CH-8008 Zürich