About Ringier

Ringier is an internationally active, modern media group with an integrated and diversified value creation chain. The current strategy is based not only on media but also on e-commerce and entertainment.


Ringier is a family-owned business that today is run and operated by multiple committees and individuals in line with the company's strategic orientation. Overview of the people behind the organisational chart

Ringier posted sales of nearly CHF 1 billion in 2020. Digital sales now account for more than half of total revenue. Overview of the most important key figures and holdings of Ringier AG in graphics.

In 1833 Johann Rudolf Ringier bought a small print shop in the Swiss town of Zofingen. In the180-plus years since then, the company has grown into a globally active and modern media company. A multimedia chronology of the tradition and history.

In its capacity as an international media corporation, the Ringier Group uses its journalistic and technological influence to advocate gender equality. Today, the company launched a new initiative titled EqualVoice. It aims to increase the visibility of women in the media and give them an equal voice. 

Corporate social responsibility is part of our busi­ness pol­icy. In Ringi­er terms, sus­tain­ability means pursu­ing our compa­ny's financial objectives while keeping the envi­ron­ment and our society in mind. Aware of our stew­ard­ship as a me­dia enter­prise, Ringi­er epit­o­mizes corporate responsibility ev­ery day. Our group code of conduct is the foundation for con­sci­entious behav­ior in all our employees. We live up to this commit­ment by en­gaging in foundations, initiatives and var­ious con­tri­butions promoting a healthy social and cultur­al envi­ron­ment.